giovedì 21 marzo 2019

Hikaru Nakamura - Nihal Sarin | Tata Steel India Rapid 2018

When 14-year-old Nihal Sarin was asked before the start of the Tata Steel Rapid Chess 2018 as to who is the super GM that he is looking forward to playing, he said it was Hikaru Nakamura! In the sixth round Nihal was pitted against Nakamura. The game was extremely intense and we bring to you the entire hour long footage of the game.

【将棋・取材映像】第44期 棋王戦 五番勝負 第3局 渡辺明棋王 vs 広瀬章人竜王【短尺版】

World Tafl Federation Rating Top 10 players, 3 - 2018

Dal sito della WTF

2108    casshern, Los Angeles, USA (876) (GM) (FM) (Quad.) (Bers.) (HH.Tabl.) (Sea)
1971    Plantagenet, Châlons-en-Champagne, FR (514) (GM)
1930    OdinHimself, Valaskjálf, Ásgarðr (372) (IM)
1880    herjan, Formby, UK (272) (GM)
1860    Ded Fomich, Moskvagarðr, Garðaríki (460) (CM)
1848    crust, somerset, UK (3037) (GM) (FM)
1828    Khan Asparukh, Sofia, Bulgaria (178) (HH.Tawlb.)
1815    mmagari, Milano, Italia (878)
1814    fjorlag, Valhalla, (146)
1809    Adam, Tønsberg, Norway (689) (GM) (FM)

martedì 19 marzo 2019

Nakamura vs Praggnanandhaa | The game that helped Vishy Anand reach the tiebreak playoffs

When the final round of Tata Steel Chess Blitz 2018 began Vishy Anand and Hikaru Nakamura were on 12.0/17. Anand quickly drew his game against Aronian, while Pragg had a tough task of defending a minus endgame against one of the best blitz players in the world Hikaru Nakamura. Would he be able to do it? Watch the video to find out.